Welcome, Neighbour.

Build It Forward

By choosing a home in a Mission Group community, you are receiving much more than a home. You are choosing a thriving, carefully-planned neighbourhood built to the highest standards, and you can be secure in the knowledge that our best-in-class Homecare team will be there to support you in your new home.

Since 2004, Mission Group has been contributing to the evolution of Kelowna’s urban landscape.

We believe in a holistic approach to community growth, where homes are accessible to the broadest audience possible. Inclusive communities become the best places to live – this is our hope for Kelowna. Our ‘social purpose’ is woven into the fabric of our strategy. It is not a bolted-on activity for external gratification; rather, it is simply what we do to build on our past successes.

Building value is at the forefront of our thinking at Bernard Block. We will place our community, its prosperity, and the many rewards of ownership as our overarching ethos. When you purchase a Mission Group home, know that you are contributing to our promise to Build It Forward.